Zeus, King of Gods, leads an extravagant lifestyle. His exquisite collection of rare and expensive things is second to none in Olympia. Gods and deities often pay visits just to get a glimpse of Zeus’ superbly expensive private collection. Here’s an exclusive look at some of the most expensive items in Zeus’ private vault.
(GD = god drachma, official currency of Olympia)

Battle Axe of Titania, 230 million GD

In the Battle of Zugma Plateau 10,000 years ago, the great Uranus, king of the Uranusians, grandfather of Zeus, wielded the magnificent Battle Axe of Titania, not with his hands, but as part of his right arm, to defeat Moxia, leader of the Silver Horns Horde. The final blow not only destroyed Moxia, but also shattered the mighty battle axe into a million pieces. It took five millennia just to collect each and every shard, and another thousand years to put the battle axe into one piece.

Winged kothornos, 600,000 GD

Crafted from the hide of a regamegasaurus by master shoemaker Puspus of Sidonia, this classic Greek sandal with wings was a gift for Zeus’ ten thousandth birthday. While Zeus himself has the power for lightning fast movement, the winged kothornos makes him moves more elegantly than ever, attracting the gaze of Olympian goddesses wherever he wore them to. Now Hera only allow him to use them in the palace garden.

Asius of Samos coffee maker, 120,000 GD

Mortal humans need their daily fix of coffee. Well, so do the gods. And Zeus is one especially addicted to his morning dose of caffeine. The Asius of Samos coffee maker is a brewer unlike any other. The engineers at Asius designed the brewer to bring out the best from Zeus’ favourite Araxendia coffee beans. This exceptional coffee machine can even anticipate Zeus’ mood swings and adjust the quality of the brew accordingly.

Musaeus Classic 3000E, 20 million GD

Nicknamed the fire lightning chariot, the Musaeus Classic 3000E can reach a speed of 200 cloud-block per second. Of course, the great King of Gods is able to move even faster than this super chariot. So what does Zeus use it for? Mainly for the Musaeus’ trans-dimensional capability for off-world traveling. Dimension transitioning uses a lot of physical and mental energy, even for a god, so Zeus will rather let the 3000E do the chore for him.

Mirror of knowledge, 500,000 GD

“Mirror mirror on the world …”, yes, it is a story many Olympian children know, a fantasy of the mortal world, but one good enough to fascinate even Zeus’ daughter Athena. So Zeus and Hera bought Athena a mirror, not to tell her how beautiful she is, but to bring her knowledge from the known worlds. Made by the jeweller Thalia of Gadara, and infused with knowledge-seeking power by the priest god Jason the Mason, the wall-sized mirror made the gifted Athena quite a godly scholar.

Pillow of dreams, 5 million GD

Another exotic possession of Zeus, the pillow of dreams is not a soft cushy pack of cotton, but an oblong woven piece from Gutheran silk and stuffed with the feathers of the sky gliders. The feathers of this ancient reptilian bird species absorbs dream-waves emitted by every beings in the known worlds. The user gains unbelievable insights just by lying his head on the pillow of dreams, but beware the corruption from the dreams of others.

Twin fire-gold bracelets by Thalia of Gadara, 200 million GD

This pair of twin fire-gold bracelets with ten thousand pieces of 10,000 carats rainbow diamonds by specialist jeweller Thalia of Gadara is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is also a source of power for the wearer, gods or humans. The bigger the rainbow diamond, the more it amplify the user’s psycho-kinetic potential. At 10,000 carats, and ten thousand of them, combined with the solar energy-absorbing fire-gold coating, this exquisite pair of bracelets is expensive as much as it is powerful.

Benjamin Franklin lightning rod, 3 million GD

Well, this one is interesting, an item from the mortal world. The lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin for his groundbreaking exploration of electricity. Word has it that when Franklin extracted a bolt of lightning from the sky Zeus felt a tingling sensation on his butt. This excited Zeus, so much so that he ordered his underlings to ‘borrow’ the original lightning rod that shocked his butt for safekeeping in his vault, while compensating Franklin with an exact replica.

Spooncrates uranium-titanium alloy cutlery set, 750,000 GD

What palace dining can do without a cutting edge cutlery set? This set of uranium-titanium alloy cutlery by metal-craft extraordinaire Spooncrates features the complete collection of forks, spoons, and knives for every sort of culinary operation one could imagine. This unusual alloy slices thick juicy bawak-beast steak with precision and elegance. Definitely a must-have for any self-respecting god.

Angeleus Spring amphora, 100,000 GD

This humble amphora not only holds the finest Greek wines, it ages them to perfection as well. Made from the clay found on the foothill of Angeleus Spring and fired with the breathe of Scythian dragons, the pottery contains tiny crystallines of Angeleus spring water. The crystallised spring water enhances without diluting the wine kept in the amphora for seven days under the Olympian full moon.

Seed from the first olive tree, 500 million GD

Athena gifted the first olive tree to Athenians, and this sacred moria still flourish on the ground of the ancient temple of Erechtheion on the Acropolis of Athens in Greece. When the tree started bearing fruits on the first full moon of the month of Olivia, Athena picked two of the first olives. One she consumed, and her hair turned lusciously olive green. The second olive she kept in her father’s vault.

Rhoda-Roxion dental grills, 5 million GD

Dental grills are not only fashionable but status symbols for the Olympians. The Rhoda-Roxion RR dental grills are the best in the business with a price to match. And the Zeus household has six of them, even one for the sun dog. Privately commissioned and customised for Olympia’s first family, these decorative mouthpieces are made from high-gloss metal-polymer invented by the Hypatos Institute of High Sciences, and encrusted with rainbow diamonds for the ultimate glitters. Zeus and his family use these dentures at formal receptions, although he despises wearing it.

Giant cornucopia, 1 billion GD

As King of Olympia, Zeus has the responsibility for the annual new year feast of abundance. This he does with the help of the giant cornucopia, a horn of mythical origin and made of a material unknown even to the brightest minds of the Institute of High Sciences. The cornucopia seems to know the precise time when a new year arrives, and lavishes Olympians with gifts they wish for, limited to two per individual. Then, for the rest of the year it sits quietly in the vault.

Victorus shield of trust, 230 million GD

When Zeus was born, the goddess Gaia gifted him the Victorus shield of trust, so named because trust is the key to survival, for both the baby god and his personal armour. Gaia blessed the shield with a drop of Zeus’ blood so that both are bonded forever. In numerous battles since his youth, Zeus kept the Victorus with him, and the shield of trust never failed him. The shield grows, literally, with Zeus, and adapts to his growing ability.

Electro-lyre, 5.5 million GD

Zeus may be powerful, but he has his sentimental side too. He bought this Alexis 2000 electro-lyre when he was 12. Upgraded over the years with new add-ons it is now the most capable (and valuable) musical instrument in Olympia. Rumour has it that Zeus played his electro-lyre to Hera on their very first date. Zeus even played it for Athena and Hercules when they are in tantrums. Olympians can often hear the melody of Zeus’ electro-lyre coming from the palace garden.

Merlion super trireme, 2.3 billion GD

What better way to spend a vacation then on the Merlion super trireme in the  calm of the Aegean Red Sea? Following his hard-fought victory over the marauding Kinaseus tribe in the Eastern provinces, Zeus finally decided he need a vacation with his family. A friend suggested the state-of-the-art super trireme. Zeus bought it without a second thought, and he absolute loved it. Named the Merlion, the leisure trireme is outfitted with every luxury the god drachma could buy.

Greekophone Ultra smart communication device, 12 million GD

Modeled after the human invention, the greekophone is a smart communication device for geeks, and that includes Zeus and his son Hercules. A product of Fotis, a spinoff from the Hypatos Institute of High Sciences, this smart device is now in the hand of every Olympian. However, Zeus’ Ultra version packs an overwhelming plethora of high-end technology, including the ability to command the central neural intelligence network Aristos.

Composite body armour and battle helmet, 800 million GD

Zeus can be hurt by the power of another god. The composite body armour and battle helmet is made to protect Zeus from body and mental harm. Master artisans forged the suit using 20 types of rare ores, stones and gems from the Crater of Demios, saliva of the giant red willow spider, as well as an advance HIoHS polymer that rearranges its molecular structure to block attacks. The suit repels power and mind attacks from opponents and amplifies Zeus’ capabilities.

Agathe stone, 5 billion GD

This particular precious stone belongs to Hera. Mined from the quarry deep within the hanging ice mountain of Agathe, the stone absorbs cosmic energy and irradiates its wearer with body-healing, age-defying power. It is said that within the Agathe stone lives thousands of glass nymphs, feeding on the cosmic rays and giving the gem its power.

Egg of the Krakua bird, 2 trillion GD

For the elders of Olympia, this is the tale of all tales. As the tale goes: the Krakua bird descended from the ninth sphere of Earth and laid two eggs, a blue and a red, each the height and weight of a mountain. The giant bird can only sit on one egg at a time. The blue egg hatched, and out came the world of Olympia. Before the Krakua can sit on the red egg, Moxia slaughtered the bird and drank its blood. The red egg laid hidden in the remote Northern Fjords until it was discovered by Olympian Nomadmen. Now only the height of a child, the red egg sits in Zeus’ palace. But nobody, not even Zeus himself, knows what secrets lie inside.

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